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Well after the trip to Bradford, I just could not wait until my next opportunity to put Denise to the test. But soon I was planning in ernest after I found I was to be staying at the Warwick University Campus for several days near the city of Coventry, UK. I find that in "going alone in public" it is important to have a really good night's sleep - No drinking and an early night, with an early start to make time for the 1 hour required to make up in a convincing way....

....So up at 7:30, and by 8:30 I am ready for my next expedition - On go the new red hi-heeled sandals (bought especially for the trip), as well as the black tights, and white suspender belt - During these times I used to shave my legs to be silky smooth which gave a real thrill to pulling up the new tights. So, I open the door to the world of Warwick University Campus - down the stairs of the student apartments, and across the large open courtyard - Quite a windy day, but more about that later. Several groups of men and woman around the courtyard seem to be unaware that Denise was striding forward to cross the car park to reach her red sports car.................Then getting into the car - keeping her legs together - close the door, and start the engine.......So far, so good!

.....Out into the Warwick/Coventry rush hour traffic - I keep to the legal speed limits so as not to attract the attention of the police - and into the Coventry suburbs. Coming in to town I spot a multi-story car-park, and head for the entrance with a queue of cars behind - The barrier does not open, and then seems to be a magnetic card reader - and a male attendant comes up to me ........I nervously roll down the window to hear "sorry miss, but this is a private car-park, you'll have to reverse out" - But I seem to have passed with flying colours as he gives me an admiring wink!..

...So, further into town, more careful this time, I drive up the ramp to a public car park - find a space, and get ready for the shopping expedition. I walk down a long flight of dark stairs - definite smells of overnight urine - and into the main shopping mall. I admire Denise in the reflection of the shop windows..... Well, I just love Marks & Spencers lingerie so head straight down the road into the shop. Ladies underwear is downstairs - so I walk quickly down, and trip-up on my hi-heels just before the bottom step. My skirt flies into the air displaying white lacy panties, suspenders, tight - EVERYTHING - How will I get out of this? .....when a kind middle aged lady walks over - "Hi - deary, can I help you get up " - " are you hurt at all love" - Again, Denise was passing the test - the sympathy continues, and I recover my position, give my thanks and move to the lingerie counters.....

......So after several shops, I decided to visit some of the cultural sights of Coventry, with my purchases stowed away in my pink carry-all bag around my shoulder. I step forward, still in my red hi-heeled sandals along the cobbled streets towards the new cathedral, built after the original cathedral was bombed during the 2nd world war. Gosh! - Cobbles are tough on the young girl in her new hi-heels, and the tendons feel really sore. So, when I finally get to the cathedral, I open the transparent glass doors, and move inside, following a large party of French tourists. Well, the floor is smooth, and Denise still seems fine and warm, away from the light rain and wind outside in the street.

....But time is moving on, and Denise is feeling the strain, both mentally and physically, and she moves back towards the shops and car-park. The wind is now quite strong with some strong gusts which hit Denise just as she is climbing an open metal walkway back to the car-park - Her flared blue skirt is lifted up into the air, and she feels those active male eyes lasering in on her lacy black stocking tops and suspenders as she spontaneously reacts (very fem!) to control that skirt. So back to the car for the drive back to Warwick University. Up the stairs to the student apartments to be confronted by the bed-room cleaners! - I think that they're surprised to see me since this is a male students wing, and Denise is opening the door to her room ........Much discussion is overheard in the corridor for at least the next 10 minutes - I'll probably never know what conclusion they reached ..............and so her ends Denise's 2nd excursion. 

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