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Well - It has now been more than 17 months since DENISE went into Cyberspace!......

....I'd like to sincerely thank the 120,000+ visitors for YOUR personal e-mails, pics and guest book entries -

Together you've already generated more than 500,000+ hits from "admirers" in more than 90 countries around the world..

...I'd never even dreamt of this level of interest when I launched my web-site one cold March evening in '99!

So here are the site statistics - Check out the excellent LIVE-STATS from HitBox.Com! which includes

its own menu page for some of the most comprehensive web-stats around today...


The following links take you straight to the "live-update" page for country visits


....and here is the traffic density on Denise's Web-Site by Time-Zone - Truly Global!...

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*** I always LOVE to get e-mails from both admirers & T*girls in "new" countries ***

So once again - it's been fantastic making so many new friends, in so many countries around the world!..

....So continue clicking, and check-out some more photos or hotlinks before leaving "Denise in Cyberspace"...

...and I look forward to supporting "all my fans and admirers" with new material for the next "magic 12 months!"

With Hugs and Kisses

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Your "CyberMistress"..................Denise!

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