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Well if you've read some of Denise's previous life experiences you'll know that she slowly grew self aware of her feminine persona during the last 40 years!.....

....Now Miss-Denise understands how to integrate her male and female persona, and can switch with ease between them, including all the complexities of body language. an art from in itself! In fact, the understanding of Denise has bought her many benefits in life through providing alternative perspectives many issues such as human relationships, people management and creativity............must be those musical skills again!

"Miss-Denise in Cyberspace" and her more recent YouTube Music Videos - "Dressed for the Classics" have bought her many new friends from around the world - YOUR response has been fantastic - THANK-YOU T*Girls!!!....

I now understand that I was born with Miss-Denise "in my genes" - There's no escape - She lives inside me.......and she stills seeks further fulfullment, perhaps through occasional TV fashion modelling or interviews to the International TV Media - because Miss-Denise craves for affection, attention and love - just like all you other beautiful "girls".

.....So I guess Denise's destiny is to work to secure wider acceptance of the Global T*Girl Phenomena and improved understanding within society - As I said, we ALL know that there is no escape - we ALL seem to go through this irregular "guilt/purge cycle" - Denise has finally reached fulfillment, and just loves being fem - Just watch my big smile in all those pics!

Mail me with your thoughts, and I'll promise to respond (mainly at weekends!) - I'll continue to post new photos from Denise TV "photo-shoots", and try to build up her web-site as a rich and diverse source of TV fashion modelling,   further "life experiences" and more philosophical thoughts on the Global T*Girl Phenomena!

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