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As mentioned in my personal Bio page, Denise started to experience the excitement and confusion of "dressing-up" from the age of 11 years old. Now naturally, Denise grew up making many experiments during the years of teenage puberty.......but somehow the dresses and swimming costumes were the greatest attraction - and off course there were some accidents en route!.......

........Denise often like to wear those slinky black costumes real WET, and then there was the problem of drying them out fast before they were spotted missing! Well on at least one occasion, she can remember trying the quick dry treatment using the electric bathroom heater (still aged around 14), and left the room for 5 to 10 minutes ............Denise was drawn back by the smell of rather lucrid smoke! - The black nylon costume melting, and look set to catch FIRE ... This was hotter that she had planned to get on this occasion!....and this was the 1st of several occasions that items of her sister's wardrobe "went missing"

...The second, time - and remember this was 30 years ago! - was when she was trying on one of those very tight mini-style dresses that were so much in fashion during the mid-60s. This is probably why even today, Denise still favours those "retro-60s-style" mini-skirts - since these were the TV fashions of her youth. Anyway, her technique in those days was to tie a piece of string to the rear zip, to try and pull it up to her neck - but on this occasion, the zip got real stuck! She pulled and pulled - aroused by the tightening across her chest (no corsets available for Denise in those days!) - and finally the string came zooming up over her head, swiftly followed by the whole zip fitting.............She examined the damage for some hours, but this was quite impossible to fix. and so yet another article of clothing goes astray..............

By the end of her teens, Denise was stilled very confused young lady! - The final significant memory was during one of those long school holidays when the house was empty for the WHOLE day. So time for some further TV experimentation - In those days there was no Internet, and Denise had still to make contact with relevent TV literature to provide her with a much needed orientiation to her potential transgender life...

......In any case, on this day, Denise finally had a brief glimpse of her developing fem side - She rammaged through those lingerie draws and discovered a most beautiful lacy white shortie nightie, trimmed with blue ribbon. Well this was IT! - .....and really for the first time that Denise can remember, she put on some of her mother's make-up - the brightest red lipstick, and face-powder, coupled with some stimulating perfume - still no eyemake-up or anything else apart from a satin brasserie, and panty corsets.........Denise looked at her self in the mirror - She had never envisaged that she could be so beautiful (aged 18) - this image was to remain with her right to the present day - she was instantly aroused to the heavens - Transformation and Transcendence!

.....So it was this image in the mirror, aged 18, that provided the role model, and aspirations of Denise today, in her mid-forties! Denise emerged from her teens with some realisation that her fem-side was an essential part of her personality - but she was still very frightened at the dawning reality as she continued her studies and went to university!

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